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Special couples

Paolo and Francesca, Romeo and Juliet will have been quite happy to be spending some precious time over here, far from the people they hated….
The magic of these places, relaxing and cool ambient, all this make Rivellino an oasi ideal for couples who wants to run away from noisy cities to live a quiet moment just for themselves.

Many beauty treatments especially created for lovers and many samplings experiences to delight their stay and give them a unique experience.

Suites and low lights, perfumes and Montefiore colors are the ideal spots for young couples but even for the ones who wants to give strength to their relationship and relax together in this magical place called Rivellino.

We think about you at Rivellino, we propose different opportunities for make your stay unforgettable, like a second or fist honeymoon, just resting and be cuddled from this unique atmosphere.

Here our last minute for our loving couples..

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