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Rivellino … an oasis for body and mind

Ideal place for the ones who wants to escape from the wordliness and the fast moving cities, Rivellino is situated in the Riccione's Hinterland, between lush green hills, giving a peacefull and wellness feeling. We are talking about a real oasi place for wellness.

"Mens sana in corpore sano", this was the Romans philosophy and our main aim, at the Rivellino will be easy to join your ideal phisical form, thanks to tonic massages and the unique ambient.

At Rivellino you can breathe a healthy atmosphere: between its beautiful furnished rooms, with ancient wood beams and stone walls, in fact once upon a time these were cellars, we suggest our guests to enjoy the relaxing treatments. It will be like find themselves in a peacefull place, a real relax zone where strech up with various beauty treatments.

You can choose among various wellness treatments, all of them wisely explained and illustrated from our qualified masseuse.

Well being Treatments

Relaxing ambients, a magical structure and the qualified and experienced masseuse can satisfy every customer needs:

Massages Worlds: hot chocolate massages, draining and tonic, neck bone and spine massages, hot stones massages(for the spine and lower limbs).

Massages Lessons: especially made for couples

Sauna with colourtherapy

Hydromassage Shower

Beauty bandages: with caffeine and magnesium salt for tone up legs and gluteals and for reduce fats on hips and abdomen zone.

Our erbal Teas: at the end of the treatments herbal teas can't be missing, to drain up and regenerate, to be tasted in our relaxing zone.

Well Being Special: all our proposals for your wellnes are here to be chosen..... Visit our WELL BEING OASI and discover our RELAX ZONE.

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