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Route n.19 "The Grillo Pass"

Rimini - Santarcangelo - Ponte Uso - The Grillo Pass - Rimini

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Difficulty: 3 Distance: 90 Km Diff. level: 800 mt.

gear ratios 39-23

KM Place/City Direction
0 Rimini Reach the strada statale 16 (Via Covignano), road junction
5 Bivio Covignano Go over the traffic lights and turn right towards Via Santa Cristina
7 V.Santa Cristina Carry straight on for 8 km and turn right towards San Ermete and Santarcangelo
12 S.Ermete Continue for 5 km in the direction of Santarcangelo
20 Santarcangelo Turn left and go straight on for 10 km until Ciola Stradone and Ponte Uso
26 Ciola Stradone Carry straight on for 5 km until Ponte Uso
38 Ponte Uso Turn left towards Secchiano (5 km climb)
42 The Grillo pass Descend downhill to the Secchiano junction
48 Secchiano Turn left towards Pietracuta and Ponte Verucchio
53 Pietracuta Carry straight on for 5 km. At Ponte Verucchio, turn right and climb up towards Verucchio
58 Ponte Verucchio Turn right towards Verucchio
61 Verucchio Turn right towards San Marino and Rimini. At the Dogana hilltop junction, make sure you do not turn right but follow Via Santa Cristina in the direction of San Paolo, San Ermete and Rimini
90 Rimini Finish

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