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Route n.4 "Castles of The Malatesta (Via Monte Luro)"

Cattolica - Tavoleto - Mercatino Conca - San Marino - Verucchio - Cattolica

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Difficulty: 3 Distance: 121 Km Diff. level: 1550 mt.

gear ratios 39-26

KM Place/City Direction
0 Cattolica Take the SS 16 road towards Pesaro and turn off at the Gradara junction, continuing for 5 km to Gradara
5 Gradara Climb up to Monteluro
8 Monteluro Carry straight on for Tavullia
13 Tavullia After Tavullia, stay on the right and head for Montegridolfo, passing throught Trebbio
17 Trebbio Continue towards S. Pietro and turn left towards Montegridolfo
21 M.Gridolfo 2 km climb up to Mondaino
22 Mondaino Turn right and then immediately left before continuing for 10 km towards Levola and Tavoleto
32 Tavoleto Descent for 10 km down to Montefiore
42 Montefiore Continue to Morciano
52 Morciano Turn left towards Taverna and Mercantino Conca
66 Mercatino Conca Turn right towards S.Marino and follow the road for 5 km until Montelicciano
73 S.Marino Cross throught S.Marino until you reach the Superstrada (main road) and then follow directions for Acquaviva and Arezzo.After 1 km turn right towards Monte Ventoso (descent with 18% gradient)
78 M.Ventoso Continue in the direction of Verucchio
83 Verucchio Return along the same road until the junction and the follow dir.for the Dogana hilltop junction,make sure you do not turn right but follow Via Santa Cristina direzione Rimini
98 V.Santa Cristina Carry on towards S.Paolo and, at the S.Ermete junction, turn right towards Ospedaletto.2 km after Gaiofana, turn left into V.S.Salvatore
105 S.Salvatore At the traffic lights turn right towards Riccione and Coriano
108 Coriano At the traffic lights turn right towards MisanoMonte (V.Balcone - V.Puglia)
116 Misano Monte Descend down to Misano Cella and go over the traffic lights and on to Santamonica
118 Santamonica Head towards Cattolica
121 Cattolica Finish

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