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Typical Romagna Products

Romagna is telling its story passing through ancient tastes and is reknowned for its products.

Just for starting we find cheeses:
Squaquerone cheese: very soft cheese, withouth a particular form, is appreciated combined with "piadina".
Raviggiolo Cheese: fresh white cheese, following an ancient story it seems it was the one used for the filling of "cappelletti" pasta.
Casatella Cheese: its name is coming from the fact that was normally made at home, it's to be tasted mature.
Pecorino or Caciotta Romagnola: mature (sweeter) or more mature (spicy), made with sheep milk. Is existing another type, made mature by covering it up with most, coming out soft in the inside and spicy, with a strong wine smell.
Fossa Cheese: so particular cause is made mature by keeping it in ancient Middle Age cave. For the best results they keep it in humid cave for at least 3 months, with a spicy and particular flavour.

We follow our taste itinerary with meats, mushrooms, truffles and fish:

· Meats: pork, lamb and veal to give an unforgettable experience for the ones who are tasting them in many different ways;
· Truffles: the white one is typical and excellent Romagna product, used to enrich pasta and meat dishes;
· Mushrooms: "porcino, prugnolo, galletti, prataioli, chiodini, finferli" are some of the typical one you can find in our beautiful region.

Let's not forget our Adriatic sea with typical fish dishes such as:
· Anchovies with herbs
· Comacchio's eels
· Mackerels with vinegar
· Latterino
· Marinated polyps
· Salmistrino
· Sardines with seasalt

Continuing with fruits and vegetables
Romagna is a green land where are growing many orchards and vegetables fields: peach, peacock, strawberries, kiwis, apples, pears, different varieties of cherries. Between the veggie potatoes, green beans, peas, salads, tomatoes, artichokes, and fields herbs like "stridolo, raperonzolo, rosolaccio, radish, ortica, vitalba".

Breads, pastries and cakes
Bread and pizzas: many varieties for all the tastes, from the tasties to the dietetic ones. Focaccia bread with Ciccioli (deep fried pork meat), deep fried gnocchi, home made bread, Pavullo's bread, Piadina Romagnola, jewish cake, Modena's crepes, Herbs savoury pastry. A special prize is going to Piadina Romagnola famous in all the world, made with a simple mix of wheat, salt and water. The classic one is thin, circle form and cook on a special flat pan made with terracotta. You can fill it with sweet or savoury stuffing. This special bread is at the base of every Romagnolo menu.

Romagna has an ancient and well appreciated tradition in Italy and abroad, many are the different typologyes of pastas: Anolini, Rice bomb, Cappellacci filled with pumpkins, Cappelletti, Garganelli, Gnocchi with beans, Gnocchetti with breadcrumbs, Ferrara's maccheroni feast, Tortellini fullfilled with wild herbs, Tortelli filled with fresh cheese Piacentina's way, Bologna's Tortellini.

A real tour between the sweet pastries from Romagna: round cakes, S.Michele cake, miacetto, mistuchina, pampepato with chocolate, pattona, pinza bolognese, spongata di busseto e di piacenza, tagliatelle's cake and many more.

Wine, olive oil and vinegar
Romagna has many good wines to know, the most famous of all is San Giovese, but we are here to let you discover even the rest: Albana di Romagna, Bianco di Castelfranco Emilia, Bianco di Scandiano, Bosco Eliceo, Cagnina di Romagna, Colli Bolognesi, Castelli Medioevali, Colli Bolognese Classico Pignoletto, Colli di Faenza Doc, Colli di Rimini Doc, Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa Doc, Colli Romagna Centrale Doc, Fortana del Taro, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro.

Let's not forget about the typical Olive Oil of Romagna and the well known Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

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